Dialogues in Spoleto

III Edition 2019

Women will rule the world, Women will finance the world Women will study the world, women will save the world

After the great success of the past years, the third edition of the Dialoghi a Spoleto, edited by Paola Severini Melograni, returns. Appointments for women to meet and find out how much these women have in common even if they represent different scenarios of society with the roles they hold or the professions they perform. Dialogue to discuss, giving visibility and space, in the important setting that the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto has always offered, to women invested with great responsibilities for what they do or what they represent. In recent editions, the Umbrian town has hosted extraordinary Prime Women representing culture, scientific research, politics, school, volunteering, communication, rights, agriculture, entertainment. Each one has told its own experience, not only to combine promotion and female value, but comparing it to the new challenges that society requires. This Third Edition, which as in the past crosses national borders, is dedicated to women around the world. The team is headed by Paola Severini Melograni, who will lead the scientific committee. As in previous editions, one of the most important Italian statisticians Linda Laura Sabbadini who “will give the numbers”. In the scientific committee: Liliosa Azara (expert in women’s issues), Gaia Peruzzi (expert in communication) Diva Ricevuto (expert in International Relations), and Francesca Marino (expert in ethics and social responsibility). With the patronage of: Prime Minister’s Office, Rai, Marisa Bellisario Foundation With the support of: Prime Minister’s Office Media Partner: RCS, Imaginary Radio, Ants With the contribution of: Banca Popolare di Spoleto, Banca Popolare di Puglia and Basilicata, Edison, ENEA, Monini Foundation, Pellan Italia, Bracco Foundation, Miamo, Astoria Vini.

Veronica De Laurentiis
Artist and actress, daughter of Silvana Mangano
Cristiana Mancinelli Scotti
Actress and performer, daughter of Elsa Martinelli
Myrta Merlino
Journalist and TV presenter, author of the book Madri (Rizzoli) which will be presented during the event
and daughter of Anna Maria Palermo
Maria Flora Monini
Businesswoman and manager for Monini s.p.a.
Paola Severini Melograni
"The numbers"
Linda LauraSabbadini
will intervene for the Scientific Committee
Liliosa Azara
A member of the municipal administration of Spoleto will speak for the institutional greeting